Thursday, February 27, 2014

Destination: Brazil

LIBERDADE (Lee-ber-dajee)

(f) n. freedom, liberty; independence, latitude; loose

As many of you know, I came from a background of being physically and sexually abused for a few years which spiraled me into severe depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. I then was so vulnerable to the sexualized culture in America, namely Southern California, and was then openly and widely exploited in many awful ways through Hollywood. It was at that state that Jesus and His redeeming love found me, saved me, washed me by His blood, and gave me beauty (a bridal crown) for the ash heap of my life. And Jesus longs to do that for many others in the earth. 

This summer, Exodus Cry is taking 12 teams down to Brazil, a country known for its sex appeal and women, to every city where the FIFA World Cup is being held. During this time, thousands from all over the world will flock to this nation for soccer and sex. Sex trafficking and exploitation will hit an all time high with it being legal in Brazil and the increased demand during the World Cup. This is not just thousands of women being prostituted but children as well. The enemy has a very distinct plan to increase the oppression and darkness, but the Lord has invited us into His counterattack. 

The Liberdade Initiative:  to mobilize a 24/7 prayer room within the red-light areas in each of the 12 host cities that will pray for 31 days, the entirety of the World Cup, for the ending of sex trafficking and spiritual awakening in the nation.  Out of this 24/7 prayer reality, intervention teams will be sent into the red-light areas to reach out to those being exploited.

The Lord has invited me and many others to "Go!" to bring about His purposes in Brazil through day & night worship and prayer, but we need the saints to partner with us in order to get there. Will you say "yes" to partnering with Him in order to end this injustice to these women and children and that Jesus would get the glory due His name from every tribe, tongue, and nation? Let us work together to see a harvest of souls reaped for Jesus in Brazil, these captive woman and children set free, and His name adored as He is worth! We all have the task of working together to fulfill the Great Commission and it is such an exciting way to partner with The Lord in His plans! 

To send me to Brazil to labor on His behalf, please send a check to:

3321 E 114th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64137  

Make the check out to IHOPKC and DO NOT write my name anywhere on the check as it will void the check. Your gift IS tax-deductible :) 

For more information on Exodus Cry, Sex Trafficking, and the Liberdade Trip, please visit: Exodus Cry

Thank you all for loving Jesus and being obedient to Him and all He is doing on the earth. I cannot wait to see these women set free, many coming into the saving knowledge of the love of Jesus, and a city changed through night & day prayer. Thank you for making all of this possible! Blessings!

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